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If you are looking for affordable tree services, then look no further. Tamarac Tree Care is a full-service company in Broward County that offers affordable prices on any of our services. No matter what your needs are, we have the perfect service to meet them all! We offer tree removal, stump grinding, trimming services and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our tree experts!

Quality service is what our tree service company is committed to providing no matter the job. Years of experience is what our team of professionals bring to work every day. This ensures a high level of service for you, our customer. At Tamarac Tree Care, we offer a range of services designed to protect your investment in your landscape.

Our Tree Care Services

  • tree trimming
  • tree limb removal
  • tree removal
  • fallen tree removal
  • haul away tree limbs
  • shrub pruning
  • stump grinding
  • tree inspection
  • tree sculpting
  • backyard cleanup before or after storm
  • tree root cutting


Our customer service is unmatched in the industry. We go above and beyond to over deliver and provide good value for handling your needs.


Tree Trimming

Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable tree trimming services to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. We offer competitive pricing on any of our affordable prices, no matter what time of year it is! Our experts will give you the best advice for maintaining a healthy landscape that looks great all year long.
We are experts in palm trimming, oak trimming, myrtle trimming and more! Our team of experienced professionals can handle any size job with ease. Whether it’s just a few branches or an entire tree we will get the job done right and on time. You won’t find another company like us out there – we promise!
When you choose Tamarac Tree Care for your next project, you can rest easy knowing that our team will take care of everything from start to finish. This means no more worrying about climbing ladders or getting hurt while trying to do this work yourself – leave it up to us instead! Plus, when we say “on time” we mean it – all of our projects come with guaranteed completion dates so you know exactly when your trees will be ready again after they are trimmed by Tamarac Tree Care. And finally, don’t forget about our 100% satisfaction guarantee – if at any point during the process something doesn’t meet your expectations let us know and we’ll make things right immediately!

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Tree Removal

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Tree Care

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Tree Removal

Tree Removal Tamarac FLWhen a tree falls, it can be a problem for people. It can even be dangerous or cause damage. When you have a fallen tree, call Tamarac Tree Care. We will come and get your fallen tree and fix the problem! Not only does this service provide safety during removal of trees that pose hazards but also prevents future problems.

If you have an old or dead tree on your property, you don’t have to live with it any longer. Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable tree removal services in Broward County that will leave you satisfied! Our experts can get rid of dead trees and stumps for an affordable price so you never have to look at them again.

It helps avoid the spread of diseases and fungi that will grow under your dead or dying tree, like anthracnose, streptomycetes and erwinia amylovora.  It also gets rid of pesky insects that would be attracted to the sap coming from a diseased tree.

The tree removal process leaves you with a healthy lawn free from any threats to it whatsoever!

Tree Limb Removal
You’ve got a leaning tree that needs some TLC. We can remove any excess limbs that are weighing it down. We provide exceptional tree services that will leave your property looking beautiful and healthy. Our team of arborists are experts at removing dangerous limbs from trees without damaging the rest of them. We can also remove dead or dying trees if needed. Plus, our prices are competitive with other companies in town.

You don’t have to worry about hiring an expensive tree service company who doesn’t deliver on their promises – we offer affordable rates and top-notch service every time! Call us today for a free quote on any work you need done around your home or business. It only takes one phone call to get started!

Why Choose Us?

Our safety record and years of experience protecting property while taking care of the tree services at hand, make us the preferred choice in Broward County. Our team of expert professionals know what to do and how to make sure each tree is tended to in the manner best for its needs.

Whether we are cutting down a tree over a structure, tree felling into open space, or dropping from the top down, we know how to handle the task at hand because we do it every day. Tree trimming and pruning allows your trees to grow and respond in ways that add beauty to the overall aesthetics of your landscape.

Timely responses and transparent pricing help us to not confuse our customers about what true costs are. Our commitment to meeting your needs and exceeding expectations sets us apart and you’ll be our customer for years to come. Customer satisfaction is just a call away, let’s get busy!

Reliable and Trustworthy

You Can Count on Us for Tree Care
Tamarac Tree Care is an affordable haul away company in Broward County. We offer haul out services for any types of jobs, including fallen trees after storms or debris left behind from tree trimming and other haul out services we provide to customers all around the area! Call us today to learn more about our competitive tree trimming service prices!  (754) 253-8945

What is An Arborist?

An arborist, tree surgeon, or arboriculturist, is a professional in the practice of arboriculture, which is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants in dendrology and horticulture. Wikipedia

 Our arborists have in-depth knowledge of the types of plants and trees in our area as well as the types of challenges they face with the extreme heat and high winds they are subjected to.

The professionals at Tamarac Tree Care can inspect your trees and tell you if they are healthy or not. We offer affordable tree inspection services for customers who want to make sure their landscape is at its best! If we notice anything, we will let you know right away so that it doesn’t become a problem later on down the road.
After removal of dead/dying trees, you will see that your landscape is better off without them. Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable prices on any of our services so get in touch with us today!


Stump Grinding

If you have a stump leftover from when your tree was removed, Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable stump grinding services! We can grind away any stump left behind and make sure it is gone for good. Our experts use grinders to make sure the stump is gone and there are no jagged edges left behind. We will haul away your old stumps for you as well, so that they don’t become a problem!

Hedge Trimming and Fallen Tree Removal

If you have a hedge that needs to be trimmed, Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable hedge trimming services. Our experts will leave your hedges looking neat and tidy in no time at all!
Hedge care starts with us so if you need the best call on the company who knows what they’re doing – call Tamarac Tree Care today for more information or to book an appointment!

A fallen tree can be a major inconvenience for anyone who has to deal with it. If you have one, Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable fallen tree removal services. Our team is experienced in removing trees that are upended and haul them away so they don’t become an issue again!
To remove your fallen tree, give us a call today or book an appointment online now! We offer complete haul away services at competitive pricing so get the best price on haul away services by calling Tamarac Tree Care right now!
– haul away stump grinding
– haul off brush hauling brush disposal service near me large yard debris wood & leaves clean up old junk
– haul out dead branches dead limbs fall cleanup job big mess

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is coming up, which means you’re going to need a tree service that can haul away any leftover debris once the storm has passed. Without the help of Tamarac Tree Care during this time, your property could be at risk for damage from fallen trees or branches. Our haulage services will make sure everything is cleaned up and hauled off so you don’t have to worry!
Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable haul away services in Broward County to make your life simpler! We are a full-service company with competitive pricing on all of our services, no matter what time of year it is. Call us today for more information or to book an appointment!

Tree Root Cutting

Tree root cutting is a popular service we offer to make sure your trees stand strong for years to come. If you have a tree that seems weak or has started leaning, call us today about our affordable prices on this important service! We will cut the roots back from the bottom of the tree and haul away all debris so that it can heal properly after its been trimmed down.
When done correctly, tree root cutting ensures stronger growth in future years as well as better water drainage systems below ground. Tamarac Tree Care offers competitive pricing on any services offered, including excellent deals during certain seasons like springtime when customers are looking to spruce things up with some landscaping renovations! Call (754) 253-8945

Your Safety Comes First

Tree removal can be dangerous, so always let the professionals handle any tree service jobs you may need done! Tamarac Tree Care offers affordable prices on all of our services to make sure your job gets done right away without any issues. Our haul out services include removing fallen trees after storms or hauling off debris left behind from tree trimming or haul away jobs we’ve completed for other customers. Having an expert team that knows what they’re doing makes getting rid of this junk stress-free instead of trying to haul everything yourself (which could cause damage and potential injuries!).

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